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In case you want to review anything you learnt at this school before, please visit these other websites:
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Básico 1
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Básico 2
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Básico 2
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María Ángeles A.

Si quieres conocer a personas online interesadas como tú en aprender y practicar otro idioma (en tu caso inglés) y hablar con ellos a través del ordenador puedes darte de alta en:
http://www.busuu.com/es (va por niveles de conocimiento de inglés)

Otra página que también es interesante para que puedas practicar inglés es:

Existen otras páginas que aunque cobren, se puede disfrutar de muchos recursos que ofrecen gratis:
https://es.verbling.com/ (se puede asistir a clases gratis sólo como oyente).
http://www.italki.com/ (la idea de esta web es parecida a busuu, sobre todo viene bien para practicar el escrito).
https://www.couchsurfing.org/ (la utiliza mucha gente para alojarse gratis en casas, quedar con gente, etc. pero que puede usarse para también practicar el idioma ya que puedes quedar con angloparlantes que vienen a visitar tu ciudad, les haces un poco de compañía unas horas, le enseñas la ciudad y así practicas tu inglés “gratis”.)


· Unit 01: Entertainment
· describe films, music and books
· politely disagree with opinions
· describe pictures
· talking about habits
· adjectives and adverbs
· describing films, music and books
· talking about pictures
· Heard it all before
· Films and the cinema
· A guided tour of an art gallery
· Disagreeing politely
· Unit 02: Sightseeing
· show people around your town / city
· describe places in more detail
· agree using synonyms
· talks about theme parks and rides
· hear short forms more easily
· Non-defining relative clauses
· the future
· buildings and areas
· festivals and carnivals
· then days at the Venice Carnival
· Driving round Belgrade
· Theme parks and rides
· Agreeing using synonyms
· Unit 03: Things you need
· talk about a wide range of objects
· describe what things are for
· explain what's wrong with things you've bought
· so, if and to for describing purpose
· indirect questions
· useful things
· word families
· problems with things
· I am ... Mr Trebus
· asking for things
· trying to get a refund
· explaining and checking
· Unit 04: Society
· talk about the government and their policies· talk about how the economy is doing· respond to complaints· discuss social issues
· so / such· the ..., the ... + comparatives
· the government, economics and society
· common wealth economics for a crowded planet
· What do you think or your president?· In the news
· responding to complaints
· Unit 05: Sports and interests
· talk about what you do in your free time· talk about how fit you are· talkd about lucky escapes· check you heard things correctly
· should(n't) have, could(n't) have, would(n't) have· present perfect continuous and simple
· health and fitness· football and life· lucky escapes
· sport - you've gotta love it!
· unusual interests· the mad uncle
· checking what you heard
Unit 06: Accommodation
· talk about places you have stayed in
· discuss and deal with problems
· talk about settling in somewhere
· modifiers
· have / get something done
· where you stayed
· understanding idioms
· emails from Hong Kong
· Did you go away anywhere?
· Accommodation problems
· Negative questions
Unit 07: Nature
· talk about weather and natural disasters
· exaggerate
· talk about issues connected to animals
· talk about plants and animals
· narrative tenses
· participle clauses
· weather and natural disasters
· plants and trees
· animal issues
· experiences of extreme weather
· plant life
· exaggerating
Unit 08: Law and order
· talk about crimes and what they involve
· add comments and questions
· describe different kinds of punishment
· give opinions about prison life
· talk about the use and abuse of power
· modals + present and past infinitives
· nouns and propositions
· crimes
· agreeing and disagreeing
· laying down the law
· different kinds of crimes
· a radio phone-in programme
· comments and questions


Do the quiz about weather:

Do the quiz about Mandela: