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so / such

We used them to add emphasis:
· Everybody was so kind.
· They were such kind people.

· so
· + adjectives and adverbs:
The conference was so quick.
The conference went so quickly.

· + much / little (+ uncountable noun):
Well! We have so much time.
I have so little money that I can't buy it.

· + many / few (+ plural countable noun):
So many students wanted to get a sit in the bus, but there were so few sits available.
· such
· + a + adjective + singular noun:
We saw such a good film yesterday.

· + adjective + plural countable noun / uncountable noun:
They were buying such dark clothes.
We had such bad weather on our holiday.

· + a lot (of ...) + plural countable noun / uncountable noun:
We had such a lot of things to do, (that) we were willing to finish.
She won such a lot of money on the lottery, (that) she could buy the car of her dreams.